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Photoshop Blending Modes

2nd May 2023


Small group interactive training

10:00-14:15 with a 15 minute comfort break

If you enjoy creative photography then you will love Photoshop's blending modes! By combining images using the 27 different modes, you can create unique artworks.  While you can simply click around and play, this workshop will help you understand how they work using relevant examples and the key Photoshop techniques you need to know to make the best of blending.


We will explore many of the different blending modes using examples that illustrate the strength of each mode and when you might use them.

This 4-hour module is divided into two parts for your comfort and convenience.


If you have never used Photoshop, I suggest you take my Photoshop workshop before this one.


  • You must have Photoshop installed on a desktop or laptop computer

  • You must have some Photoshop experience

  • An internet connection suitable for the zoom sessions

  • You must be able to use your computer well enough to avoid IT issues

Location & Contact Details

Adrian Beasley +44 7785926738

This is an On-line workshop delivered using Zoom

You will receive a Zoom link once you’ve booked this service.


Booking Policy

Bookings close 3 hours before the session starts

Cancellation Policy: 

For cancellations, please contact me to discuss. In general, if I am able to re-sell the place, I will refund you so please contact me as quickly as possible.

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