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Lightroom Skills

Create a simple and powerful setup
Learn to organise and edit

10am 12th Feb 2024


Interactive training for Lightroom Classic

10:00am to 17:15


A series of four, carefully constructed Lightroom modules that help you to build a Lightroom system able to grow with you. Learn to create a simple and flexible setup, organise and edit. You will have the time to learn as part of a small, interactive group (maximum 8). You will receive a video of the sessions and a significant discount for a professional printed workbook covering this material and more. This workshop is suitable for beginners through to intermediate.


Part 1: 10am

Learn to create a Lightroom system that is designed to grow with your growing collection of images. - Understand the key folders that Lightroom uses - Setup the basic folder systems needed for flexible and long term use - Understand how Lightroom works with your images - Learn about the import dialog and the best choices to make - Setup up the various windows for easiest use on a laptop


Part 2:

Learn to organise where your images are stored and how to easily access them by several unique methods. Learn about Keywords and how they can help you organise. - Rename folders to make them easily to find outside of Lightroom - Learn the difference between folders and collections and when to use them - Create and use Collections - Add Keywords - Create and use Smart Collections - Create Collection sets and see what they are for


Part 3:

In this module, learn about the Basic editing panel and its hidden features and tricks. - Understand the histogram - Learn the order of changes to create consistent editing - Understand white balance - Learn to adjust contrast in many different ways - The difference between Vibrance and Saturation and when to use them - Black & White conversions and the B&W panel


Part 4:

In this module, learn how to make localised adjustments to your images. Deal with blemishes and dust spots in a pragmatic way. Enhance and stylise your images. - Understand how and when to use Spot Healing and Cloning - Learn to use the Gradient, Radial and Adjustment brushes - Learn the differences between the tools and which to use - Understand how to set defaults for the tools - Use the adjustment brush with sensitivity


Finish: 17:15 - The workshop is due to finish at 17:15


  • You must have Lightroom Classic installed on a desktop or laptop computer

  • This workshop does not cover Lightroom on the iPad or phone

  • An internet connection suitable for the zoom sessions

  • You must be able to use your computer well enough to avoid IT issues

Location & Contact Details

Adrian Beasley +44 7785926738

This is an On-line workshop delivered using Zoom

You will receive a Zoom link once you’ve booked this service.


Booking Policy

Bookings close 3 hours before the session starts

Cancellation Policy: 

For cancellations, please contact me to discuss. In general, if I am able to re-sell the place, I will refund you so please contact me as quickly as possible.

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