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Create a develop preset (8min)

In this video I explain why your RAW files look flat when they are imported into Lightroom.  Then, using a develop preset, you can make them look as good as they looked on the back of your camera.

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Fix lost images and folders (3min)
  • Can you see thumbnails of your images but lightroom won't let you edit them?

  • Do you see folders marked with "?"

  • Do you have images marked with "!"

  This video is for you!

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Re-organising photos (3min)

This short video shows you how to re-organise your photos and folders inside Lightroom​.

Make sure your images are backed-up before moving files.  Moving is destructive and there is always a small chance that something might go wrong.

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Find all missing photos (4min)

In this video I show you how to load the grid with all your missing photos, where ever they are.  Once you have done that, you can work your way through finding them all.

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Travelling with Lightroom (4min)

My favourite Lightroom setup uses a home computer with external disks, a calibrated monitor and a separate laptop for travelling.  When I am away, I load images into Lightroom on my laptop, edit and keyword them and retain the images on the memory cards as backup.  When I get home, I transfer my work to my main system using a catalog export/import process.  This video shows you how.  

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Importing from iPhotos (5min)

"How can I get my images out of iPhotos or Photos and into Lightroom?".  I get asked this question regularly, there are 3 steps:

1) Backup your catalogue

2) Import

3) Organise

Check out this video for a step by step guide.

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Synchronising edits (3 min)

This video shows you two different ways to make the same adjustments to multiple images.

Moving everything from an internal to and external drive (6 min)


I have seen some rare issues with files being lost when you drag and drop files inside Lightroom.

Please use the copy method below. 

This is a common situation.  You start using Lightroom on a laptop, then the hard disk becomes full.  This video shows you how to move everything to an external hard disk.  In addition, you will have a nice portable system you can move between computers.

If you don't have a backup of your images, use the copy method below.

Anchor 8
Copy everything from an internal to and external drive (6 min)

Your internal drive is full and you never got around to backing up your images...  Don't worry, buy and external hard disk and follow this simple guide.

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Use GoodSync to mirror one external disk to another (3 min)

GoodSync is a Mac utility for synchronising files and disks.  It can be used to create a mirror of your working disk.  This video shows how to setup a job to perform the mirror.

Do not mirror/backup to a drive or folder that already has other images.

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Edit your LR images in PS (5 min)

This video shows how to jump back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop and keep any initial LR edits and new Photoshop layers.

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Copy Presets to your Catalog (4 min)

How to get all your presets to live with your Catalog.

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TimeMachine problem

If you are having problems with TimeMachine after Lightroom update, this video is for you.

The problem is not Lightroom but TimeMachine on Catalina. Lightroom makes a copy of the catalog and PREVIEWS. If your Previews are large (mine are) then TimeMachine chokes on them. Follow the video for a solution.

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