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19th February 2024


Small group interactive training


Our phones are increasingly being used for "serious" photography and the software available is ever more powerful.  Adobe's mobile Lightroom works alongside the desktop software and in this series we will explore how it all links together and how to use the editing tools to their best effect.  While the process isn't too complicated, making the right decision at the outset will make things flow smoothly.

You will discover how to use the many features of the mobile system and through a series of simple exercises, you will create a working system and get comfortable with the editing and sharing tools.


Delivered in four parts with a 15 minute comfort break morning and afternoon and a 45 minute lunch break.

Part 1 - Setting up and Initialising

* How everything is connected

* Crucial settings for your mobile devices

* Directing mobile images into your Lightroom Classic catalogue

* Discover what is already in your cloud and how to initialise it

* Exercise - Initialise your cloud space and starting the sync process


Part 2 - Resolving issues and Organising

* Review of the exercise and resolve outstanding issues (spoiler alert: there will be some issues!)

* Organising - Albums, Folders, Collections and Collection Sets

* Transferring between Classic and Mobile

* What is Lightroom Desktop

* Exercise - Take pictures, organise, sync and share


Lunch break (45 minutes)

Part 3 - Editing 1

* Review the organisation and syncing excercise

* Global editing

* Presets and Profiles

* Versions verses Virtual copies

* Exercise - Mobile editing


Part 4 - Editing 2 and Conclusions

* Review the editing exercise

* Local editing - how to add, invert and adjust the tools

* Sharing, commenting, ratings, picks, keywords and searching


Finish 17:15


  • You must have Lightroom Classic installed on a desktop or laptop computer

  • You must have an Adobe Creative Cloud account (i.e. be paying monthly)

  • You must have a phone or tablet with Lightroom Mobile installed

  • An internet connection suitable for the zoom sessions

  • You must be able to use your computer well enough to avoid IT issues

Location & Contact Details

Adrian Beasley +44 7785926738

This is an On-line workshop delivered using Zoom

You will receive a Zoom link once you’ve booked this service.


Booking Policy

Bookings close 3 hours before the session starts

Cancellation Policy: 

For cancellations, please contact me to discuss. In general, if I am able to re-sell the place, I will refund you so please contact me as quickly as possible.

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