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For Lightroom Users

10AM 13th Feb 2024


Sold Out

Interactive training for Photoshop



This workshop is designed to help Lightroom users add the unique features of Photoshop to their workflow. The workshop is divided into four modules to help you learn the power of Photoshop without being overwhelmed. You need no prior experience of Photoshop and only a little experience with Lightroom. Lightroom is not essential, you can take this module to learn about Photoshop as a standalone application. You will receive a video of the sessions and a significant discount for a professional printed workbook covering this material and more.


Part 1: 10am

If you have never used Photoshop with Lightroom, this is the first module you need. We outline why you might use Photoshop rather than Lightroom. We then configure LR & PS to work seamlessly together and show how to move between them.

  • Why use Photoshop?

  • Configure Lightroom and Photoshop to work together

  • Setup Photoshop's workspace for Photography projects

  • Finding your way around Photoshop

  • Setting up the Tool Palette

  • Learn the different ways to move images between LR & PS

  • Re-open layered Photoshop documents

  • Working with Smart Objects


Part 2:

In this module we will explore Photoshops Adjustment layers and how to make non-destructive adjustments. We then explore some of the many selection tools and their options. Finally we use selections with adjustment layers to create non-destructive local adjustments.

  • Introduction to Photoshop's Adjustment Layers

  • How to adjust Exposure, Contrast, Colour and Saturation in Photoshop

  • Introduction to Selections

  • The Options Bar

  • Learn to use a number of the key selection tools

  • Creating local Adjustments


Part 3:

In this module we are getting creative with the Photoshop Filter panel! This is where Photoshop manipulates your pixels in many and varied ways. We will explore some of the key photographic uses and show how you can maintain a non-destructive workflow. We will also look at Photoshops canvas.

  • Introduction to the filter panel and how it works

  • Blur and its photographic uses

  • Sharpening, halos and options to manage them

  • Moving pixels around and why you might need this

  • The Canvas and how to use it


Part 4:

In this module we will look at content aware technologies and ways to combine images in photographic ways.  - Introduction to content aware technologies

  • Content aware crop

  • Content aware fill, move and extend

  • Refining content aware results

  • Focus Stacking

  • Simulating long exposures

  • Combining images

  • Introduction to blending - See separate module for more on blending

Finish: 17:15This workshop is scheduled to finish at 17:15


  • You must have Photoshop installed on a laptop or desktop computer

  • This workshop will use Lightroom to open images in Photoshop but LR is not essential

  • This workshop does not cover Photoshop on the iPad or iPhone

  • An internet connection suitable for the zoom sessions

  • You must be able to use your computer well enough to avoid IT issues!

Location & Contact Details

Adrian Beasley +44 7785926738

This is an On-line workshop delivered using Zoom

You will receive a Zoom link once you’ve booked this service.


Booking Policy

Bookings close 3 hours before the session starts

Cancellation Policy: 

For cancellations, please contact me to discuss. In general, if I am able to re-sell the place, I will refund you so please contact me as quickly as possible.

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