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January 2022

The second half of 2021 saw us settling into our new home, preparing our home-based studio, Kingsdown House, to welcome clients, and really starting the process of working together as a team.

We dipped our toes, tentatively, in the water with our first and second residential workshops - an astro workshop with guest photographer Jen Rogers and a North Devon Coast Capture to Print workshop. We were thrilled with the positive responses of our visitors.

As another new year begins, our minds turn to new projects, new strands to explore and

develop. The sheer pleasure of being out and about in the glorious world that surrounds us here in North Devon, inspires us to want to share more of this place that we love with fellow photographers.

Adrian has been working hard, delivering on-line workshops alongside preparing our new offerings, whilst Clea has been extending creative skills that we hope to incorporate later in the year.

Adrian has had a fascination with infrared photography for many years as it fits his techy-nerdy side and so he is looking forward to adding several IR workshops to our offering this year. Our first small group IR residential is now available to book from the website.

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