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March - April 2022

Updated: Feb 19

As winter turns to spring, we feel energised and excited to move ahead with plans for the coming months. Along with the face to face and online training that have become part of Adrian’s regular ‘menu’ of offerings, March and April have been a time for formulating some new possibilities. We have dates and details to finalise but do keep your eyes on the website for our new workshops coming soon!

Whilst Adrian has been busy with a face-to-face print workshop with Rachael Talibart, I have been occupied putting together tool kits, resources, and materials for our first ‘Image and Word’ workshop with Paul Sanders towards the end of April. My next job is to write up a step-by-step aide memoire for people who will be joining us, so that they can continue the bookmaking journey when they return home, if they are bitten by the binding bug!

At Kingsdown, the main event for March was welcoming a new residential group for our popular North Devon Capture to Print workshop. We were blessed with great weather for our visits to some of the many interesting spots we have locally for image making. The final day of editing and printing saw some great prints rolling off Adrian’s printers.

Adrian has now launched our Land’s End Astro workshop, which is available to book on the residentials page of the website. This is an opportunity to learn from the expertise of the very talented Dr Jen Rogers, in an extremely beautiful part of the world.

In March, we also took some time out to extend our skills by attending a framing workshop with an award winning, master framer and member of the Fine Art Guild, Lyn Hall. I worked for a framing shop many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed revisiting skills that have lain unused in the intervening years, whilst Adrian took to it like a duck to water, managing to frame one of his larger A1 prints – quite a challenge for a novice framer! We were thrilled with our results and will definitely be investing time and money in developing this skill. Whilst not planning to launch into a side-line business in picture framing, we will be thinking about how to use what we’ve learnt, to enhance what we can offer to our clients.

The end of March brought us back to London where Adrian led two of his workshops for Light and Land – Black and White in the City and Brutalist & Modern Architecture. Despite a chilling wind and some sleety, wintery showers at the start of the day 1, there was still a sense of spring in the air as the trees are laden with blossom and leaves beginning to bud on every branch.

For me, it gave the opportunity for a face-to-face visit to Shepherds– a veritable treasure trove of tools and materials for the bookbinder. I have earmarked some beauties for my next order, all ready for clients coming to make books with us in the coming months!

The start of April has been busy too! We ran our first North Devon Infrared Capture to Print workshop, with clients based in a local hotel and using a range of locations all over the North Devon area to capture a wide variety of subjects. It was great to see the beautiful images that resulted, and everyone was able to take away prints with them that they were proud of. People were intrigued to discover the possibility of even using their phones to capture infrared images, here is an example captured on Adrian's iPhone.

We’ve just spent a few very enjoyable days out on our local beaches and coast with a small group of photography friends who were looking for some bespoke tutoring. It was lovely to be able to share our knowledge of the area and Adrian’s technical expertise and creative ideas with such an enthusiastic group of ladies. The idea of running ‘photo bubble’ tours for small groups of friends looking to stay somewhere together whilst doing something both social and creative together, has been something Adrian and I have been contemplating offering for some time now. We’ll be working more on developing that concept and identifying interesting and unique places to stay, within the UK, over the coming weeks.

Techy news from Adrian! Printing with Big Sur and a warning about upgrading a computer

Just before departing for Rachael Talibart’s for a 2-day print workshop, I tried to fix an issue with Lightroom by resetting my preferences. This caused all my paper profiles to disappear! There is a known bug with Big Sur and the only solution was to upgrade to Monterey and accept any new problems that might present. The good news is that it did resolve the problem with paper profiles, which all re-appeared. There are some new problems, but only minor so far.

I also offered to upgrade a client’s computer so that they could use the new masking tools. The PC was on Windows 8 and needed Windows 10. It didn’t go well and we needed to return the computer to Win8. Lightroom allows you to install prior versions, but I didn’t know that is limited to only a few recent versions. So, we couldn’t return the computer to its original state. In the end we managed to upgrade to Win10. I won’t rely on installing older versions in future!

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