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Nik Collection

  • 95 British pounds
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Service Description

Delivered as two blocks on the same day 10:00-14:15 The Nik Collection finally comes of age for Lightroom users. At last we have a “round-trip” editing experience that significantly enhances the workflow. You can now re-edit images in any of the tools and re-visit your slider settings without loss of quality. For that reason alone, I would highly recommend anyone still using the old free Google version to upgrade and give the collection a proper look. This workshop takes a tour through all of the tools to highlights which are worthy of your time. We will spend most time with Analog Efex, Color Efex and Silver Efex using supplied sample images or your own. We will discover some cool features and filters and fully understand how the collection integrates into your workflow. I will be demonstrating using Lightroom but Photoshoppers are very welcome as almost all the content is relevant to both editors. You will need your editor and the Nik Collection installed for the workshop. You can get a 30-day free trial here: